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eclat Clarifying Cleanser Review
Jul 01, 2011

I have tested and tried the fortitude of many beauty products around the world. I came across the élcat product line and decided to personally review everything in the élcat collection. This is a beauty product line personally invented by plastic surgeon Dr. Jhonny Salomon which promises to be a paradigm shift in the health and beauty industry.

This week I tried the éclat Clarifying Cleanser. This cleanser is part of  a collection containing 8 other products from a new revolutionary beauty line offered at éclat Medical.  Two of the beauty products require a prescription; the éclat Tretinoin, and the éclat Peel.  I have personally written many reviews, but I never had the exquisite opportunity to review such excellent products such as these. Being offered by a plastic surgeon, the éclat product line promises amazing, and  peerless results. The élcat Clarifying Cleanser is used to remove impurities, makeup, and oil. It is a mild gel type cleanser that enhances your skin's clarity.  The élcat cleanser contains powerful ingredients like  Willo Bark, Azelaic Acid, Green Tea, Sugarcane and lemon. These ingredients work synergistically to dramatically improve your skin's natural appearance.

Once we received the Clarifying Cleanser in the mail, we were shocked to see the beauty and detail of the packaging. It was exquisite, beautiful and the quality of the product was immediately apparent.  I  called Dr. Jhonny Salomon's medical office to ask several questions regarding the product. They answered promptly and I was on the phone for 15 minutes with someone who actually works at his office! I am very amazed that an actual plastic surgeon is able to answer all questions regarding this product line.  I am always skeptical of new beauty products, especially when the back of them say "from china". The  éclat Clarifying Cleanser is from an actual plastic surgeons office. This fact alone really compelled me to try the new amazing product line. I have experienced amazing service and outstanding quality! The first week while using this product, my face was brighter, smoother and I had an increased facial even tone.  Results from this product are unparallelled to any beauty products out there. I am very satisfied with the Clarifying Cleanser, and look forward to trying the other prescription products as well!

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