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TranquilRX Review
Aug 31, 2014

TranquilRX®  is a revolutionary remedy to headaches. Users report dramatic changes in their lifestyle as a result in our serum.  Migraine treatment involves acute (abortive) and preventive (prophylactic) therapy. Patients with frequent attacks usually require both. Measures directed toward reducing migraine triggers are also generally advisable.Acute treatment aims to reverse, or at least stop, the progression of a headache that has started. Preventive treatment, which is given even in the absence of a headache, aims to reduce the frequency and severity of the migraine attack, make acute attacks more responsive to abortive therapy, and perhaps also improve the patient’s quality of life. An overview of migraine treatment is shown in the image below.

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2 out of 5
I used this for my daughter. I thought the bottle would be bigger for the price but it works.
by Carol P. on 08 Sep, 2014 10:13 AM

4 out of 5
Migraines finally gone, this stuff is really amazing but yeah bottle is small
by anonymous on 25 Oct, 2014 12:51 PM
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