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RX Attraction Pheromone Review
May 24, 2013

(Above) Doctor discussing the efficacy of pheromone spray to attract women

Though there are quite a number of pheromone colognes in the market today, with each one of them promising to work miracles towards making one the center of attention and being able to attract people of the opposite sex, the real reality is that most of these never deliver. There however are six main distinct features that only RX Attraction pheromone cologne possesses.

The RX Attraction is made in the best manufacturing plant and under very highly hygienic and medically tested conditions. This acts a guarantee that the pheromone is of the highest quality and that it can be used by all people without having to suffer from any allergic reactions or side effects during or after usage.

This pheromone cologne is further very new in the market hence gives the customers something new to try out and love. Everything about RX Attraction is lovable; from the packaging to the pricing as well as the scent. Though it’s of very high standards, it’s sold at very affordable cost that doesn’t compare to any of the other pheromones in the market, including the Danainae Men’s, Pherx Pheromone Cologne, Liquid Trust or even the Chikara Cologne.

The scent produced by the RX Attraction is also very subtle. It therefore can be worn without necessarily forcing it on people and communicating what exactly your motive is. In addition, it can be worn at all times of the day; both during the day as well during the night. More importantly is that the scent can only be noticed by people of the opposite sex and never those of the same sex as you.

Dr. Knox BSc,D.C. discussing how Rx Attraction works


In case one desires to make a purchase of this product discreetly, they can rest assured that RX Attraction will ship it to them without compromising their personal information. This applies when one makes a purchase online. On the same note, a guarantee is offered to the buyer. In case they don’t feel satisfied with the results presented by the pheromone cologne, they can ask for money back.

Lastly, there is 100% assurance that the RX Attraction pheromone cologne gives positive results. Unlike other similar products in the market, some of which include the Luve Essentials, Arouse RX and the Max Affection Gold, this particular one has been proven to give the very exact effect it’s has been described to. This therefore makes it the real and most reliable pheromone in the market.

Visit Site Here:  http://www.rxattraction.com/

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4 out of 5
lol I bought this stuff and just when I walked into a room noticed three women looking at me which I approached one this stuff really works.
by brian33 on 25 Oct, 2014 12:54 PM
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