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Pheromone Cologne Review
May 24, 2013

When shopping and making a purchase of your favorite pheromone product, there are things that one ought to look out for. Of course the most important of all these include how the product was manufactured, the ingredients used, it’s potential to help one achieve their goal of attracting people of the opposite sex, how it ought to be used and of course the price. This though is not enough. Apart from these qualities, one ought to look further and check at how their pheromone cologne of choice has been packaged.

The reason why the packaging is of importance is to ensure that it is not cumbersome to carry around or that, it doesn’t raise eyebrows when being used in public. For this reason, RX Attraction pheromones are packaged in a very friendly manner that is very different from how other pheromones such as the Luve Essentials, Liquid Trust, Max Affection Gold, Pherx Pheromone Cologne, Arouse RX, Danainae Men’s and Chikara Cologne are packaged.

First of all, the packaging method used in RX Attraction is meant to catch one’s eye much faster and easily so as to draw one’s attention towards the product. The bottle in which the RX Attraction is contained is therefore very unique and beyond that, the bottle is made of very high quality material. This is to enable preserve the pheromone for as long as possible without exposing it to the air or other contaminants. Since the manufacturers’ of this particular pheromone understand the needs of various buyers, the bottle is made in such a way that it could pass for the ordinary cologne or rather a bottle containing some oil though with a more dignified design. One can then remove and apply it in public and no one will have an idea that it’s more than just the ordinary cologne.

Moreover, the RX Attractive pheromone cologne is sold in small sized bottles though of various sizes. This is to make them easy to carry along one’s travels. For example, a woman can easily keep it in her makeup or hand bag whereas a man can carry it with them in their pockets. The caps of the bottle are also tightly help in place and are leak proof to ensure that the cologne doesn’t leak when stored in different positions.
Despite the high levels of specialty employed in the packaging, the price of the RX Attraction isn’t affected at all.

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4 out of 5
I just bought mine rx attraction thing and it caught the attention of only one lady :-( but it did get me laid by that one women lol..
by Scottisnumone on 29 May, 2013 12:03 PM
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