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Nuhair Rx Review
Jan 26, 2015

Nuhair Rx Review: Non RX Formula

Hair loss is a troublesome occurrence for men or women who are experiencing it. Men tend to search far and wide for solutions which can make the hair grow back where it has been lost. The person may try pills, lotions, creams and even surgical procedures. Instead, the recommendation is to use NuHair RX in order to make the hair thicker and fuller. The product stimulates growth in most hair loss situations, making it suitable for both men and women. It stimulates dormant follicles for those individuals who have male pattern baldness and also grows hair longer, faster.

The developer of the product suffered from hair loss, but he did not submit to baldness. He refused to participate in the various extreme measures available on the market. Through his determination and efforts, he was able to find a solution for his ailment and to realize that the solution could be accessible to all. It would not be drastic or invasive like many of the other solutions on the marketplace. Users of the Nuhair RX serum report hair growth that is truly amazing.

NuHair RX is a serum designed, tested and proven to be effective against the most progressive hair loss issues. Baldness is the result of decreased hair follicle size largely because of genetic factors which increase the production of sebum. Sebum is a wax-like substance that is produced in the follicle glands. If too much is produced, the result is suffocated hair follicles which can cause problems in hair growth.

The serum includes an ingredient that reduces hair loss through limiting the production of sebum so that the hair has a healthy growing environment. The result is exceptionally fast hair growth. There is a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied within six weeks. 


The serum product contains a five percent level of extract that is made up of a synergistic blend of ingredients shown to regrow hair quickly. Users who have loss of hair report that there are measurable changes within just two or three weeks. The major regrowth usually peaks within eight to twelve weeks. The group of people who want longer hair more quickly will usually notice as much as two inches of hair growth within just weeks. The product also shows positive results for ethnic hair that has been unnaturally treated. Up to two inches of hair growth within weeks has been recorded. Both men and women report satisfaction with the results of the product. 

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3 out of 5
I want to buy this prodact nuhairrx Serum
by Babanou on 14 Mar, 2016 08:12 AM

3 out of 5
I have using this serum for past 4 months. My hairdresser mentioned this to me after loosing all my hair after chemo, it is still very short but defiantly looks thicker
by Antonio on 21 Oct, 2016 12:38 PM
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