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Max Attraction Gold Review
May 24, 2013


ABOVE Doctor explains why RX Attraction is Better than Max Attraction Gold

The RX Attraction pheromone cologne has been specially manufactured to meet the various needs of both men and women. RX Attraction is as a matter of fact made to imitate the original and natural pheromones that are produced by the body. As a result, one who is wearing this special pheromone can get the attention of the people they want even when meeting for the first time. This is made possible through their use of naturally occurring rather than artificial substances during its manufacture.

Unlike some of the pheromones that are already in the market, like the Arouse-RX, Liquid Trust, Chikara Cologne, Pherx Pheromone Cologne, Max Affection Gold, Danainae Men’s and the Luve Essentials, RX Attraction is guarantee to give 100% effective results. These include the capability to increase the frequency at which one attracts members of the opposite sex, the number of dates and affectionate gestures they receive, the frequency of sleeping with a sexually active partner as well as the rate at which engages in foreplay. More importantly is that there is also a guarantee to be actively involved in sexually related activities.

During the manufacture of the RX Attraction pheromone cologne, it is ensured that the amounts of pheromones used are at the optimum levels to enhance their degree of effectiveness. Due to this, the person wearing the cologne is at a much higher level of amplifying as well as modifying the behaviors of people of the opposite sex that they may come into contact with. Moreover, unlike the above other mentioned brands of pheromones, RX Attraction pheromone colognes are not exaggerated to an extent that they become annoying or irritating to the other person.

In addition to all this, RX Attraction cologne has been manufactured to adopt the highest standards. The cologne does not just possess the strength to modify people’s behaviors but is also of very high quality, is highly balanced and has contains the right dosage. This has thereby made it the most trustworthy, respectable and effective pheromone brand that there is in the today’s market.

RX Attraction pheromone cologne is further guaranteed to effectively and powerfully infuse fragrances that are geared towards attracting members of the opposite sex. The place where one attracts other people is limitless for the place doesn’t really need to be specific. Attraction through RX Attraction can occur in intimate gatherings, social environments as well as in business locations.

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5 out of 5
I agree, rx attraction is the best pheromone spray, max attraction gold really sucks :P...I bought both, and max attraction wasn't approved by doctor and rx attraction is its a no brainer....thing with a pheromone spray is that it really works to get womens attention but i am not sure if they get horny or not
by john on 07 Jun, 2013 04:56 AM
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