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Lymph Drainage Massage
Jun 27, 2011

Lymphatic  fluid massages consist of  gentle relaxing  strokes which moves static lympatic fluid to keep your lympatic system moving.  This results in a reinforced immune system and overall better healthy feeling.  The massage therapist uses very gentle pressure which stimulates the lymph nodes and vessels beneath the skin. These vessels are very tiny so any pressure can stop them  temporarily.  During the massage the therapist is pushing the lymph fluid in a desired direction to relieve lymphodemia or swelling.  Delicate strokes are very important while the massage therapist is concentrating on areas of the body where nodes are located.

Every patient can be a challenge to the massage therapist. Scar tissue, skin condition and  lymph nodes that were removed all are important factors to the massage therapist. Its important that each massage therapist excercise caution in order to properly direct the lymphatic fluid.



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