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How to Make Your Face Look Thinner
Jun 29, 2011

There are ways to make your face look slimmer and thinner but if you want a permanently skinnier face than get a facial excerciser like the Face Thin Tool  . This is pretty much the only way to make your face slimmer and thinner permanently. People work out the face and go to the gym to get a better body but often neglect the face. But if you refuse to work out your face with facial tools, then read the article below.

Other ways to make your face appear skinnier are to:

  • Change hairstyle
  • Change makeup
  • Change jewelry

Hairstyles to Make Your Face Look Thinner

With an appropriate hair cut you can make your face look much skinnier and slimmer. You would be very suprised to find out how fat someone's face is without their haircuts! A lot of women are using hairstyles to dramatically improve their faces!  To slim your face you need to cover the edges of your face (known as the jowels). The haircut that is perfect for this is the "bump" style where the hair curls under the jawline hiding the end of the face.  If your skin is lighter keep away from blonde hair because that color won't deeply contrast your face and hide your facial fat or saggin jowels.  If you have a rounder type face, a straight down part down the sides is ideal. If someone with an oval face did that, their face would look droopy and long.


Makeup to Make Face Look Thinner


Shading and contouring the face is another obvious way to make your face look thinner, skinnier, and slimmer! What is ideal to use is bronzer! Think of your face as a sculpting and with the bronzer you are "sculpting" away the imperfections by the use of bronzer.  Apply right under your cheekbones with sweeping motions. Basically the concept here is the shade the sides of your face and anywhere you want to look thinner.

Make Face Appear Thinner with Jewelry

You can create an illusion of a slimmer face with longer earrings which will draw the attention down from your face. Make sure the earrings aren't wide so not to draw attention from side to side towards your face. This is an optical illusion and it works great!


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5 out of 5
Nowadays face lift surgery is a RIP off. You can get a better toned face by doing different things. The Face Thin can make your face tighter and look better by circulating the blood around your face more increasing the production of fibrillates. This tool simply superb!
by Dan hatima on 02 Dec, 2017 03:57 AM
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