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Elite Body Sculpture Review
Jun 12, 2012

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At Elite Body Sculpture our biggest focus is making sure that every client that walks out the door is not just satisfied, but elated with their new, trimmer, sexier body.  How do we do that?  Mainly, we focus on liposuction and ONLY liposuction.  At Elite Body Sculpture our board certified physicians go through extensive training in state of the art techniques.  They are trained by Elite Body Sculpture’s founder and “lipo doctor to the stars”, Beverly Hill’s Dr. Aaron Rollins.

Through the utilization of the absolute latest, most advanced liposuction equipment available, Dr. Rollins has developed a technique so accurate and advanced that it is trademarked.  This technique is only available through our expertly trained surgeons.


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5 out of 5
fantastic place, and the only reason why I think this florida surgery office is great is because they only focus on liposuction and are the best. I am only 2 weeks post op but I notice huge change already.
by Ana22 on 12 Jun, 2012 04:48 AM
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