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Danainae Menís Cologne Review
May 24, 2013

Usually, most of the pheromone colognes are geared towards meeting one main purpose; attracting people of the opposite sex. However, RX Attraction pheromone cologne plays more than just this purpose. It goes further to enable the user become the main center of attraction especially in a crowd setting and the same time, arouse people of the opposite sex that may be around them. As witnessed, this is never the case with the likes of Danainae Men’s, Arouse RX, Luve Essentials, Liquid Trust, Chikara Cologne, Max Affection Gold and even the Pherx Pheromone colognes.

RX Attraction thereby gives results that are beyond what other almost similar pheromones can deliver. Unlike all the others, once applied, the subtle scent lasts for such a long time and requires no additional application for the rest of the day. Though only a few drops are applied, they have the capability of working their magic at all times of the day, and night. This is because the scent is released slowly and at regular intervals into the air with the very same intensity all day long. Though the scent can last and give the same effect for the entire 24 or even more hours, it can as well be removed pretty much easily once one takes a shower or a bath. This is barely the case with other pheromones.

Similarly, the effects of the RX Attraction pheromone cologne can be experienced as soon as one starts using it. One can start seeing very positive results with members of the same sex from the very moment that they make the first application. This therefore makes it the perfect cologne to wear when going out on date or when trying to pick up girls. 

This can hence lead to one’s self confidence and self esteem receiving a boost in no time. For someone who has used other pheromones before, it worth noting that the results generated after using the RX Attraction pheromone cologne are immediate and don’t require that you apply it in excess.

The last very important and unique trait portrayed by RX Attraction pheromone cologne is that it is has been medically tested and approved for human use. Although it’s purposely supposed to be applied on the skin, one need not worry about getting any forms of allergic reactions. Since no harmful chemicals are used in its manufacture, the pheromone has no negative effect on the skin.

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4 out of 5
Rx Attraction has doctor endorsement. End of story. all other pheromones do Not work. I personally hate tricking women to do what I want them to do, just have confidence.
by philip... on 30 May, 2013 01:16 PM
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