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Chikara Cologne Review
May 24, 2013

During the making of RX Attraction pheromone cologne, very essential factors are taken into account to ensure that the user benefits from its use. Since the male cologne is very much different from the female one, it has to be ensured that in each one of them, a different formula is employed so as to meet the needs of the user. In reality, not many pheromone brands pay much attention to these formulas. For example, someone who has been using the Chikara Cologne, Luve Essentials, Liquid Trust, Arouse RX, Max Affection Gold and the Pherx Pheromone Cologne may confusingly attract the wrong people in cases where the wrong formula was adopted during their manufacture. Some other brands like the Danainae Men’s are only available for men and not for women.

RX Attraction uses a special formula that is aimed at making the user get nothing less than what they expect. The formula used therefore takes into account the three main chemicals present in men that occur naturally; androstenol, androsterone and androstenone, and the one main chemical present in women; copulins.

The androstenol is used to enhance the production of different effects but with the overall roles being to give the user a youthful, friendly and approachable attraction to the women especially during the first meeting(s). It further helps in initiating a passionate, romantic and even sexual feeling.

Also present in the RX Attraction male cologne is the androsterone which is used to produce a double edged feeling. The first feeling is to make the woman feel a sense of protection, safety and security upon being into contact with the man while at the same time making the man portray his more masculine characteristics.

The last chemical used is the androstenone. This is the strongest of all as it enables the man portray characteristics of being assertive, dominant and aggressive. It also creates some sexual tension with members of the opposite sex.

Women’s pheromones however contain copulins which help in increasing the levels of testosterone in men. Once a man detects these copulins in a woman, he becomes immediately sexually attracted to the woman.

To ensure that the right dosage is used in the making of RX Attraction, a special method is used. This therefore prevents any occurrences of one getting overpowered by the sexual attractants. Also, this method ensures that RX Attraction unlike all other pheromones in the market produces a nice rather than foul smell and delivers results.

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